The Best Of Bill LaBounty (1993)

This Night Won't Last Forever 4:25
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
Livin' It Up 4:20
(Bill Labounty/Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil)
Trail To Your Heart (Sailing Without A Sail)
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
Never Gonna Look Back
(Bill Labounty/Kathy Wakefield/Cynthia Weil)
In 25 Words Or Less 3:32
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
Dancin' Tonight 4:40
(Michael Johnson/Bill Labounty)
Look Who's Lonely Now
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
I'm Hurtin'  3:39
(Michael Johnson/Bill Labounty)
Drops Of Water
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
Lie To Me 3:26
(Bill LaBounty/Jay Senter)
Who's Gonna Hold You
(Bill LaBounty)
Slow Fade
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
It Used To Be Me
(Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)


Japanese Editions
Curb/Denon 1993

Curb/Alpha 1993

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